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 Nasirov spent the night in Solomianskyi district court. PHOTOS+VIDEO

This morning, the Solomianskyi district court of Kyiv started consideration of the case regarding State Fiscal Service head Roman Nasirov.

Censor.NET's correspondent reports from the Solomianskyi district court of Kyiv.

Nasirov spent the night in the court building. In the morning, he was taken to a restroom on the first floor of the building. Nasirov is moving slowly but on his own. He is convoyed by guards who push the reporters off. Nasirov did not answer a single question by the reporters.

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Nasirov spent the night in Solomianskyi district court 01Nasirov spent the night in Solomianskyi district court 02

Activists have blocked the roof entrance inside the building, fearing the suspect might use a helicopter.

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The hearing started at 11 a.m., presided by Judge Bukina, who is to consider the motion of Nasirov's lawyers on recusal of Judge Borovnik. Bukina arrived in the hall accompanied by MP Mustafa Nayyem and SAP and NABU officers.

Nasirov spent the night in Solomianskyi district court 03Nasirov spent the night in Solomianskyi district court 04

The court earlier announced a break due to the lawyers' motion to recuse the judge. The lawyers also asked to postpone the hearing until Nasirov's health improves, but the motion was rejected.

On march 4-5, the court was not able to choose a restraint measure for Nasirov and postponed the hearing until March 6. Fearing that Nasirov might be freed, Automaidan activists blocked the court building where the suspect was. They spent the night near the courthouse, with Nasirov held inside the building.

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March 2, NABU and SAP agents arrived at Feofania hospital to serve an indictment for criminal offence against Ukraine's chief taxman Roman Nasirov. The doctors barred the investigators and prosecutor from entering the ward saying Nasirov had allegedly suffered a heart attack. SAP head Nazar Kholodnytskyi said the decision to launch procedural activities into the case was made due to possible Nasirov's departure abroad and elimination of evidence. A video footage of Nasirov being served an indictment in Feofania hospital has been posted online.

SAP accuses Nasirov of taking unreasonable decisions on restructuring rental fees for the extraction of minerals, which helped Ukraine's fugitive MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko implement corruption schemes he is being charged with. This had lead to 2 bln hryvnia damage to the state ($74 million). Onyshchenko said the investigation would "prove nothing: there were no money in my relations with Nasirov."

Later, NABU said it was preparing a bail hearing inquiry regarding Nasirov. The detainee's lawyers say that Nasirov's health deteriorated and he underwent another surgery. SAP head Kholodnytskyi said he doubted Nasirov's diagnosis.

March 3, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine suspended Nasirov from office pending investigation. Myroslav Prodan was appointed acting head of the State Fiscal Service.

Nasirov made a statement saying he had been cooperating with the investigation since the first questioning in mid-2016.
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