"Russian-made MON-50, PMN-2 anti-personnel mines, ATGMs - we do not have such weapons. It’s not militia troops we are fighting against," – Ukrainian soldiers collect evidence of Russian army presence in Donbas. VIDEO

The members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces collect new evidence of the Russian army participation in combat operations in the occupied Donbas and supplies of weapons from Russia.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Ukraine's Defense Ministry-run TV channel, the soldiers draw attention to types of weapons and manufacturing date. Ammunition banned by the international conventions is also among the collected evidence.

"These are PMN-2 pressure-activated antipersonnel mines. Ukraine got rid of them long ago. We lifted MON-50, MON-100, MON-90 antipersonnel mines produced in 2010 which are not in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We have found a wide range of both improvised and factory-made mines... The findings also include army field rations produced in the Russian Federation in 2015," says Ukrainian military with the call sign Shaman.

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