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 Interior Minister Avakov posted video of Kryvyi Torets conflict, calls participants 'idiots'. VIDEO

The National Police has detained 37 attackers in the Kryvyi Torets railway station and will continue doing so regardless of attackers' affiliation.

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote in his blog on Censor.NET.

The police had to interfere into yesterday's conflict in the Kryvyi Torets railway station, where participants of the Donbas blockade are stationed, the minister said.

"Some of them [attackers - ed.] are workers, others said they were paid 100 hryvnias [$3.7 - ed.]... Idiots... Double idiots are those who set up such shows. ... Police has detained 37 people and will continue doing so regardless of whether they belong to right or left clans...," Avakov wrote.

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Avakov said it is crucial that the Cabinet adopts a regulation on exchange of goods with the occupied territories, which he hopes is done today, March 1. He advocates complete ban of trade between government-controlled areas and occupied territories, excluding essential goods that supply Ukraine's metallurgy and energy sectors.

He also posted a video of the "odious" clashes at Kryvyi Torets and said that it's time for paid protesters to disappear.
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On Jan. 25, anti-terrorist operation (ATO) veterans blocked the Luhansk-Popasna haul, launching a trade blockade of the occupied Donbas areas. The movement of 12 trains with a total of 700 cars has been barred.

Later, Deputy Minister for the Occupied Territories and IDPs Heorhii Tuka said the decision to launch trade blockade was extra-legal. Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and IDPs Vadym Chernysh spoke against possible ban on commodities delivery across the contact line in the Donbas: "We need to be able to deliver coal, otherwise we will face problems throughout the country."

On Feb. 2, participants of the trade blockade barred another railroad track near Bakhmut.

On Feb. 27, separatist websites published a joint statement by the leaders of the so-called "republics" "DPR" and "LPR. " They demanded that Kyiv lifted the blockade by March 1, otherwise Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky promised to take over the enterprises that remain Ukraine-run and stop deliveries of coal to Ukraine from temporarily occupied territories. S
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