Right Sector soldiers, who died on June 11 at Butivka mine, were killed by 152-mm howitzer fire. VIDEO

A video showing the beginning of shelling of Butivka mine in the Donetsk region, where soldiers of the Right Sector were killed by a slide, has been posted online.

As reported by Censor.NET, the video of the June 11 shelling of Butivka mine has been posted by volunteer Yuliia Tolmachova on Facebook.

"At night, when shelling usually takes place, OSCE representatives do not work. A position of OSCE "waker up" should be introduced - a person who would get them out of beds and take to shelled positions...

"This is a start of shelling of Butivka mine when the Right Sector fighters were killed. Deaf and blind OSCE reps have seen and heard nothing," Tolmachova noted bitterly.

As reported, four soldiers of the Right Sector died June 11 in a slide at Butivka mine, caused by pro-Russian militants' shelling.
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v395118