"We either remain a frontier region, or build a nation," - Butusov. VIDEO

Ukraine has several paths of development, and the current situation in the state is a test for Ukrainians' ability to build their own independent state.

According to Censor.NET's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov, Ukraine has two most probable paths of development.

The first is to build a nation, a member of the European Union, with the most developing market, with a high level of investments, and very attractive for people.

Another path for Ukraine is to remain a supplier of raw materials and human resources for the EU and Russia, Butusov said.

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"At the moment, we are choosing along which path to go," the Chief Editor said.

Ukraine, according to him, might remain a frontier region it has been over the past 400-500 years, or a nation will be built, which never existed here before, Butusov believes.

According to him, it's the time for the Ukrainian people and present generations of Ukrainians to choose which path to take.

"There are only two options to choose from," Butusov stressed.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v392002
Source: youtube.com