23-year-old "Cyborg" Ivan Yevchuk massacred near Zhytomyr. VIDEO

One of the Donetsk airport defenders 23-year-old soldier of the 95th Airmobile Brigade Ivan Yevchuk was murdered under mysterious circumstances in the Zhytomyr region.

Censor.NET reports citing TSN.

Ivan had his jaw, ribs, and leg broken. The guy was most likely thrown out of the car when he had already been beaten since no signs of struggle were found at the scene. There were at least two attackers. The murdered serviceman was strong and physically fit. Those who knew him said that he would not surrender to the attackers easily. He was most likely previously knocked senseless.

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Ivan Yevchuk was a soldier of the famous 95th Airmobile Brigade. His fellows-in-arms called him Kaban (a wild boar - Ed.) as he was athletically built. He rescued dozens of wounded soldiers taking them from the battlefield on his shoulders. He fell into the enemy ambushes, shot back to the last bullet, and miraculously survived through seemingly hopeless situations. However, he never talked about his merits. He returned home with a broken nose, headache, and mental instability. He was treated for several months and then got a job of a security guard. Ivan never came back from his night shift.

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The grave of the Ukrainian "Cyborg" was covered with wreaths brought by the soldiers from the 95th Airmobile Brigade. They vowed to find his murderers.

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