"This is mess. They swore to Russia!" - Crimean occupants dispersed rally in support of so-called Crimean Cossack Cadet Corps. VIDEO+PHOTOS

The occupants dispersed a rally in support of the so-called Crimean Cossack Cadet Corps in Simferopol.

Censor.NET reports.

"Parents of students of the Cadet Corps, a private school, applied to us. They were unhappy with the fact that the authorities were trying to close the corps. In addition to administrative measures, a criminal case against Yalta Cossack Ataman, the founder of the Corps, has been opened. We have evidence that these measures are designed to close the Cossack Corps. Parents are forced to transfer children to other educational institutions and threatened to be deprived of parental rights," organizer of the rally Illia Bolshedvorov said to "Argumenty Nedeli - Krym" propagandist website.

On April 29, the parents filed a notice of the rally, but were refused to hold it.

"We received a refusal because a different event was allegedly supposed to take place at the time. As we see, there is no one here. We consider the refusal illegal and are holding the rally," Bolshedvorov said.

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The so-called police officers arrived on the scene and said that the rally is unauthorized. They asked the protesters to disperse, but there was no reaction. After that, the Russian security forces detained one of the participants of the rally and led her to their car.

крым митинг казаки задержание

Several participants of the rally tried to defend the woman. Some of them were forcibly placed in a paddy.

крым митинг казаки задержание

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"Aren't you afraid of people's curse? Release the Cossacks! The Cossacks saved and protected Crimea, and you?.. This is a mess! Our children swore to Russia!" several women outraged.

крым митинг казаки задержание

In turn, one of the occupants' "police" leaders advised the women who defended the detained Cossacks not cry and shut their mouths.

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