Kremlin propagandist Graham Phillips detained in Latvia. VIDEO

The British was nagging at the participants of a rally to commemorate fighters of the Latvian Legion.

Latvian police detained notorious Russia Today and Zvezda TV channels propagandist Graham Phillips, who supports militants in the Donbas and covers events in the occupied territories for the Kremlin media, Censor.NET reports citing Delfi.

Phillips first tried to lead a column of legionnaires and their supporters in the old Riga, but the guards did not allow him to do so. Later, at the Freedom Monument, Phillips, wearing an orange press vest, started asking the rally participants why they glorified fascism and tried to get answers from them. In most cases, his attempts were ignored. Some elderly people refused to speak in Russian with him.

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In the end, Phillips was detained. The police did not explain his detention, saying briefly to the detainee that he was provoking people. The participants welcomed the detention with applause.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v379400