On March 1, 2014 battle for Dnipro started, with probability of regional authorities’ seizure extremely high. VIDEO

At that time in Dnipropetrovsk, there existed high risk of takeover by pro-Russian forces with subsequent occupation by Russia. The Russian aggression could be repelled only thanks to joint efforts of all patriotic forces of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

This was announced by Censor.NET's Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page


"March 1, 2014. On that day, the battle for Dnipro [short city name for Dnipropetrovsk - ed.] began. Russian secret forces provoked mass demonstration with Russian flags and attempted to seize the regional council. At that time, the head of the regional state administration was Dmytro Kolesnykov from the Party of regions [former president Yanukovych's party - ed.], the head of the regional council was Udod, and 106 deputies from the regional council's 120 were members of the Party of regions faction. It goes without saying that city authorities were controlled by the Party of regions as well. The chief Antimaidan ideologist Oleg Tsarev was actively campaigning there together with the Communist party. Just a month prior to that, bandits and militia commanded by Kolesnykov dispersed Dnipropetrovsk Euromaidan. Just a week prior Dnipropetrovsk Berkut [special forces unit - ed.] returned to the region from Maidan [in Kyiv - ed.] - they had six wounded in Maidan. These soldiers hated Maidan. … The Ukrainian Army units were incapable due to systematic payment delays and Russian propaganda. The chances of seizure of regional bodies of power and the demand of the regional council for federalization and ban of the 'Kyiv junta' were extremely high," he wrote.

"The meeting was attempted to disrupt by a few and not yet organized Ukrainian patriots. … They were shouting, fighting, got hit, but they did their best when no one knew what tomorrow would bring and whether we would win. But there were those who believed in it and were fighting for the entire Ukraine on that square. Here ' s my bow to you, guys," the journalist added.

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"The Dnipropetrovsk region is the center of Ukraine, and its seizure by pro-Russian forces would have had catastrophic consequences for all neighboring regions, not to mention it was the second largest region in terms of industrial construction, filling the budgets of beneficiary regions. On March 2 Turchynov [NSDC Secretary - ed.] appoints Ihor Kolomoiskyi head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, and here we go… By May 1, any open form of pro-Russian movements in the region had been liquidated by patriotic Ukrainians," Butusov noted.

"Now Kolomoiskyi resides in Zurich, controls profitable state companies, and communicates with Poroshenko on distribution of Ukrnafta profits. Another participant of the events, Borys Filatov, is Dnipropetrovsk mayor. Hennadii Korban - chief organizer, who led the liquidation of the "Russian spring" in Dnipro, as well as revival and mobilization of state authorities, is in prison. Whatever it is, they should be credited together with other Dnipropetrovsk residents for crushing of the Russian aggression," he wrote.

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"The prosecutors' office has charged not a single organizer of the Euromaidan dispersion in Dnipro of those of the pro-Russian demonstrations. The cases have been pretty much closed," the journalist stressed.

"Thank you, Dnipropetrovsk people, that you had fought for your home and your region, that you battled for Ukraine with all your heart, just like thousands of residents of Donetsk, Luhansk, Odesa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv. The entire Ukraine was fighting, but you were at the front line. Send us videos of activities and events in the southeast of Ukraine, those you participated in, with your comments and identification of people," Butusov summed up.

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