"City is dying, despair overwhelming," - tour of occupied Sevastopol. VIDEO

A resident of Sevastopol has recorded a short video tour of the occupied city in Crimea.

Commenting the video, she is talking about the decline of city's economic life, huge garbage piles, broken infrastructure, and battered roads.

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"This is a cry for help. The city is dying. There is no fear the FSB will show up again. It makes no difference. The feeling of total hopelessness. Despair just overwhelms you. What will happen to us next? The city is dirty, litter is all over the place, sidewalks are broken, roads are battered, 70 percent of shops are closed (broken windows, painted shutters), the bodies of dead dogs lie on the roadside in downtown. Isn't this horrible?" the comment reads.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v373556