Militants shell Ukrainian positions in Zaitseve with banned 120-mm mortars. VIDEO

Soldiers of the 57th mechanized infantry brigade defending Ukrainian positions in the vicinity of Zaitseve village (the Donetsk region) desperately need two Pulsar HD38s thermal surveillance devices worth of $2,450 each. The Ukrainian servicemen have already been suffering from the militants’ strikes, committed with 120-mm mortars prohibited by the Minsk agreements, for several weeks.

Volunteer of the Back and Alive community Vitalii Deineha wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"This video was filmed in the village of Zaitseve about a week ago. The Zaitseve village where 'Barni' [Ukrainian fighter - ed.] was killed. The Zaitseve that has regularly been shelled with 120-mm mortars for several weeks in a row.
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"The 57th Infantry Brigade is deployed in Zaitseve and its outskirts. It is a usual detachment, just like many others. They are not airborne troops or commandoes - just infantrymen. The brigade is from Kirovohrad, a regional center, which the majority of Kyiv residents have never visited. And they have been holding this section of the front for over a year now. They are holding Horlivka separatists like a vice, incurring losses, calling the wives of the fallen brothers in arms. Helping them is not so "cool" as providing assistance to the 3rd Kirovohrad Special Operations Forces Regiment, but they deserve it no less.

"70 percent of thermal surveillance devices in this detachment were provided by you. And thanks to you the 57th Brigade have less its soldiers killed in bloody 2014-2015. The guys on the video are from the 90th Battalion. It was redeployed to Zaitseve to reinforce its garrison to allow the battalions of the 57th Brigade to regroup and take its place. The 90th Battalion servicemen has already left the area while the guys, who replaced them, need two Pulsar HD38s thermal surveillance devices worth of $2,450 each," Vitalii Deineha wrote.

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