Border area in Zakarpattia controlled by criminal groups, not authorities. VIDEO

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine have found a “private” section of the border between Ukraine and Hungary in the course of a special operation in Ukrainian Zakarpattia region.

Censor.NET reports that influential smugglers have equipped it according to the laws of military science. The approaches to the border are controlled by armed men with thermal surveillance devices. The smugglers have their own intelligence: their scouts report about each case of non-corrupted law enforcer's departure from Uzhhorod and transmit information through a well-organized chain.

The Security Service officers have found a construction site container with three men inside in close proximity to the sate border. The border patrol unit arrived just in two hours after the signal. The border guards said that they were unable to remove the container and prohibit people to stay right near the border as the local authorities had handed the territory over to private ownership. The second group of the SBU was fired at by smugglers. The shooter and his accomplices were taken to the local police. They all were released next morning.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v367254
Source: ТСН