"I believe in the people of Ukraine," - Vice President Biden sums up his visit to Kyiv. VIDEO

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has ended his visit to Ukraine. On Dec. 7 he met with the country's leadership, on Dec. 8 the vice president addressed the Verkhovna Rada.

Censor.NET publishes the summary of the trip from Vice President Biden's blog.

"Folks, we're home from Ukraine. This was a good trip.

"It was a real honor, on the final day, to be able to speak beak before the Rada - the Ukrainian legislature. The last American official to do so was President George H.W. Bush.

"I hope the members of the Rada accepted my candor in the spirit it was given. This is a country that has a second chance at establishing a genuine democracy. Many of the young people in this Rada were the ones filling the Maidan, raising their voices and demanding this of their government.

"Now, they are in a position to help make it a reality.

"And, they have two great threats right now: Russian aggression and endemic corruption. The United States is prepared to help them tackle both.

"And if they do, I have no doubt that this Rada will go down in history as the founding fathers of the first-ever united, democratic, genuinely free Ukraine.

That's my hope. And I believe in the people of Ukraine. I believe they will get this done."

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