KORD special police force candidates to be tested with polygraph, - Interior Ministry. VIDEO+INFOGRAPHICS

At the first stage, candidates will be weeded out by computer. If an applicant does not pass one of the stages, he will not be allowed further.

This was announced by Deputy Interior Minister Oleksii Rudenko while commenting on the list of requirements for KORD candidates, Censor.NET informs referring to Interior Ministry press service.


According to him, the selection process will be adequate, "not similar to that of militsia." The first stage is submitting and processing of questionnaires which will be processed by a special computer program. It will filter out those who do not meet the basic criteria.

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Psychological testing is to follow, with an independent specialized company to be involved. According to results of the tests, the candidates will be recommended for work in one of three directions with account of their psychological type: special force unit, witness protection program, or public order protection unit which will deal with rioting.

Rudenko also noted that the selected candidates will be tested with polygraph - the so-called "lie detector." The testing will also involve a special feature - voice analysis technologies.

The candidates will be checked for involvement in separatist activities, criminal background, dependence on drugs or alcohol, the inclination to disclose confidential information. In addition, the candidates will be tested for involvement in crimes against civilians during the events in February 2014 in Kyiv.

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After passing these tests, the candidates will be allowed to physical fitness testing - running, pull-ups, complex of power exercises, as well as practical pistol and machine gun shooting.


The last and the most difficult stage will be a five-day survival course. Soldiers will sleep for not more than four hours, they will have to manage 20-kilometer marches in full gear and other critical loads.


"This means that if a candidate fails to pass a stage, he is not allowed to the next one," the deputy interior ministry stated.

He also recalled the basic requirements for police special force officers: clean record, aged 21-35, at least four-year experience of practical work and service in Ukraine's Armed Forces, Interior Ministry agencies, the National Police, or other state law enforcement agencies. ATO fighters will also be able to take part in the contest.


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