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 Kivalov will not run for mayor because of election fraud record – Saakashvili. VIDEO

Serhii Kivalov has withdrawn his name from the ballot at election of Odesa mayor because of election fraud criminal record actualized by the regional prosecutor's office.

Head of the Odesa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Kivalov withdrew his name from the ballot not voluntarily and not because of the explosion, most likely organized by himself, but because of the real criminal cases on election frauds investigated by the regional prosecutor's office. He is well aware of the investigation due to his informants, still remaining in the prosecutor's office, who always drain him all the details in advance. The fact that he took off his candidacy convinces me that such cases should be sent to court more quickly," Saakashvili noted.

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"Besides, I will also replace warnings with actions in relation to the insolent heads of village councils, wasting valuable Ukrainian lands along the beaches, thus killing the tourism potential. We will put them all to jail, one by one, so that everyone understands that our deeds second our words," he added.


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