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 Donbas separatist republics want to remain part of Ukraine, - VICE News. VIDEO

For the first time since the beginning of the Donbas war, separatist leaders voiced an option of their controlled territories to remain part of Ukraine.

VICE News' Simon Ostrovsky said in his On The Line show posted on the website, Censor.NET reports.

In his show, Ostrovsky discussed several issues concerning Russia, including its bombing of Syria, Ukraine's cease-fire, Minsk talks, and other matters.

"It was very surprising for me, having done this interview, to hear a representative of the Luhansk People's Republic talk about his area under their control remaining, at least officially, as a part of Ukraine. That's the kind of language that those sort of officials haven't been using in the past," Ostrovsky said.

He also confirmed that the cease-fire in Ukraine is holding.

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"While I was there [the Luhansk region - ed.] for five days, I din't hear a single shot fired or an explosion or artillery come down anywhere. Basically, the cease-fire is holding," Ostrovsky said, answering one of the callers' question.

Commenting on Russia's activities in Syria, the reporter said that Russia's actual strategy was to support Assad's regime, not to fight ISIS. This is very telling of Russian methods of "doing business" in the world - say one thing and do another, Ostrovsky commented.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v355082