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 "The Army needs eyes" - Touching video shot by volunteers on army's need in night vision devices. VIDEO

Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO area always need night vision devices, but unfortunately, the Army is short-shipped with them. In order to bring public attention to the issue, army supply volunteers shot a video on the matter.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Facebook page of the "Return Alive" community.

"Finally, the night vision devices issue will be addressed on the national level. For a year, the country has been buying helmets and armored vests, had been supplying food and water, but the guys have been fighting blindly. The night comes and they are killed point-blank in their backs. We have been screaming that a sack of potatoes cannot win the war. And now our scream will be heard," the volunteer group's page reads.

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"This video will give us many thermal sights, and they will bring us to victory. We are full of determination, we are doing what seemed to be impossible a while ago. We do this thanks to you. Thanks to those who chose to fight, and with whom we will celebrate the victory," the volunteers wrote.

The video has a long story, volunteers say. "It started with an idea by Liosha Novykov, who was later joined by one of the best modern artists of Ukraine Liosha Sai and Lime Lite Studio... The Joint Staff of the Defense Ministry provided equipment and soldiers, we gave props, a production studio shared their camera and a crew of 30 people. LimeLite paid for everything, even for gas to pick up extras. If this had been a sausage ad, it would have cost more than $80,000. We paid 0 hryvnias for it.

"Now the greenery is appearing, and small arms fighting volume is increasing at the front line. Thermal sights are again the most important devices there, and they save someones' sons, husbands, and fathers.

"Please like it, share it, and join our Youtube channel," the volunteers concluded.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v333310