Lviv Bishop of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church washed the feet of 12 Ukrainian soldiers wounded in Donbas. VIDEO

On Maundy Thursday, April 9 Lviv Garrison church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul held a morning prayer. After the mass, His Grace Bishop Mykhailo (Koltun) washed the feet of twelve soldiers who fought in Eastern Ukraine.

The mass was attended by wounded soldiers of volunteer battalions, Border Guard Service, the armed forces who are being treated at a military hospital, as well as volunteers, Censor.NET reports citing Zaxid.net.


"We are very pleased that we are participating in this ceremony. This happens once in a lifetime, I feel the cleansing," Mykhailo, a soldier of the 80th airmobile brigade, who sustained an injury in Sloviansk says.

"The sacrament of the washing of feet is a holy action that instructs each of us to support one another in all the affairs of life. And washing of the ATO soldiers' feet is a great joy. We must remember that today it is more important than ever to support our brothers in danger, difficulties and all the necessities of life," Bishop Mykhailo said.

On this day most of the temples hold morning and evening services, where they recall the Last Supper of Christ and the apostles when Jesus himself introduced rite of the Eucharist - the sacrament of Holy Communion. The Orthodox Church particularly emphasizes the importance of the sacrament, which is carried out after a prayer and repentance at a confession on Holy Thursday.

After the Last Supper, Jesus, expressing his humility, washed the feet of his disciples, which is also reflected in liturgical practice - after the mass a bishop washes feet of 12 priests. The name Maundy Thursday is related to this evangelical tradition.

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