Head of Moscow “Red Cross” Trunov caught telling lies about “Putin’s humanitarian convoys. VIDEO

Moscow Red Cross claims that its head Igor Trunov didn’t speak about weapons in humanitarian convoys sent by Russia to Ukraine and didn’t doubt their legitimacy.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was stated on the organization's website.

Ukrainian Ukrinform agency and other media are accused in the message of having invented the nonexistent Trunov's statements.

In particular, the following quote attributed to Trunov has been named tall tale as well:

"Those ten convoys were absolutely correctly considered (as illegal). I don't want to cast stones into our authorities, our country; I am law-abiding citizen of Russia. However, there exists international law. What is Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES)? It's a military institution of the Russian state. How did that enter the territory of another state? It doesn't matter which one, a self-proclaimed or Ukraine. It is another state, it's not Russia. How did it get there? Is it the subject of international humanitarian law? No, it isn't. Is it regulated by some conventions? No. Then what is it? It's an invasion, it's violation, one mustn't do that."

As if to prove that the official didn't say that, a video appeared on the website of Moscow Red Cross showing Trunov reading a contradiction claiming that he had never questioned the goals of the Russian government.

He insisted he hadn't given any interview to Ukrinform, but only gave his business card to its reporter.

However, there is still the video on the Internet of the press-conference dated Dec. 25, where Trunov is shown saying that the first humanitarian convoy was the only legal and checked, for it had been accompanied by the Red Cross; all remaining convoys could transfer whatever needed, including weapons (beginning at 50:40)

The quote which was called a nonexistent one on the website of Moscow Red Cross, begins at 58:00.

Moreover, Ukrinform agency uploaded to its website an audio record of the interview with Trunov, which he and other representatives of the organization are trying to deny now.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v318785