Woman who planned terrorist act at Maidan Nezalezhnosti is being interrogated. VIDEO

Anastasia Kovalenko, who was arrested by SBU officers as suspect in organization of a terrorist act in Kyiv, was interrogated and disclosed the details of explosion preparation.

As reported by Censor.NET, Kovalenko spoke about transportation of explosives to Kyiv and how it was intended to be used.


"I met Konstantin four months ago. Before I left Luhansk for Kyiv on Dec. 16, Konstantin passed me a bag, which, according to him, contained something that would make 'ukrops' (derogative for Ukrainians by the separatists - ed.) uncomfortable. I took a bus. I knew what was in the bag - explosives. After I arrived to Kyiv, I went to the address (I was given - ed.).

"At 9 a.m. Konstantin called me and ordered to go to 'Nadra' bank and leave the bag near the building, where there will be lots of people. After receiving the instructions, I went to the address near the Profspilky building (at Maidan Nezalezhnosti/Independence Square - ed.). According to Konstantin's instructions, we were interested in crowded places. If there were not many people, I was supposed to go to some other crowded place. Konstantin was giving orders via telephone. If we didn't succeed, I was supposed to turn the phone off for some time.

"Whatever I did was clearly understood and comprehended by me," Kovalenko said to the camera.

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