Weapons Arsenal Discovered at Tourist Camp Belonging to Krasnyi Lyman Mayor. VIDEO + PHOTO

At night of Dec. 2 Artemivsk battalion discovered an arsenal of lethal weapons at a recreation center in Krasnyi Lyman, which is owned by the city’s mayor Leonid Perebyinis.

This was stated by People's Front MP, ex-commander of Artemivsk battalion Kostiantyn Mateichenko, Censor.NET reports.


"They found ATGMs - anti-tank guided missile shells, a box of grenades, bullets and so on. But the most important is the ATGM, which can destroy a tank or shoot down a plane. These are not small arms; these are very serious weapons," Mateichenko said.

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It is noteworthy that the tourist camp where Artemivsk soldiers made this discovery belongs to mayor of Krasnyi Lyman Leonid Perebyinis, who was suspected of having links with the militants, according to Mateichenko.


"We know that back in May Perebyinis set up checkpoints near Sloviansk, Krasnyi Lyman. This is the man who was arrested by the SBU, but was released allegedly due to lack of evidence and a call from influential people in the Party of Regions. But the offense is obvious," the MP said.

Another fact raises questions in this story. According to Mateichenko, immediately after the incident commander of Artemivsk battalion Vitalii Hevlych received a call from the ATO headquarters and was told to "turn around and leave." Who from the staff gave this order is also unknown.

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"Some kind of tenth aide of a duty officer there called. My question regarding who from the command gave the order team has not been answered. They say, it is not clear, but there was such an order," Mateichenko says.

The ATO headquarters is currently deployed in Kramatorsk, 40 kilometers from Krasnyi Lyman.


According to Mateichenko, the weapons may be intended for use by the militants.

"At the moment, the purpose of these weapons is unknown. Many questions arise. I informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs about this situation and I hope that they will take some measures. Russian terrorist Girkin, by the way, went to Sloviansk through Krasnyi Lyman. It was Krasnyi Lyman and Sloviansk that were in the beginning of all these military actions," the MP emphasized.

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In addition, Mateichenko expressed outrage regarding the position of Donetsk region governor Oleksandr Kikhtenko, who, according to him, "sees a problem in Artemivsk battalion working in Krasnyi Lyman but sees no problem in the fact that there is a arsenal of serious weapons with no clear purpose under his nose."

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