Schoolchildren Produce Pocket Stoves for Ukrainian Soldiers. VIDEO

Schoolkids in Sumy, the regional center to the north of Ukraine, produce portable stoves for Ukrainian soldiers who currently fight in the ATO area. The know-how can be easily fitted into a pocket.

As reported by Censor.NET citing TSN, mini-stoves can be used for boiling water or warming up the food in the field. Dry leaves and tree branches can be used as fuel.

Ivan Nesterenko, a schoolboy from the Sumy school #15 says that they have already sent several dozens of the stoves to the soldiers. One of the stoves was made for his father, who fights on the front line.

"I worry for him a lot," the boy says. "And I wait for him to come back home from the war safe and sound."

Another boy, Pavlo Varava, has already sent a stove to his father and comrades, who fight near Kramatorsk of the Donetsk region. "Dad called me and said thank you," the boy boasted.

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Serhiy Marushchenko, labor teacher from the school, found the idea online. "Such stoves are used in the U.S. army. Every sniper has one," he told reporters. Marushchenko said he wished each Ukrainian soldier had one in order to be able to drink warm tea in an entrenchment. Usually it takes 4-5 minutes to boil a small portion of water, and several hours to produce a stove.

The stove is made with sheet iron, so it can be used as additional ammunition if carried on a body under the clothes.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v314417