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 Dnipropetrovsk Female "Kupol" Volunteers Braid Gauze Drops-'Snowflakes'. VIDEO

Dnipropetrovsk female volunteers who produce scrims for Ukrainian soldiers at ATO zone started to braid 'snowflake' scrims used in winter.

According to the volunteers who united into "Kupol" battalion, they received an order for white-colored gauze drops from the soldiers and volunteer soldiers in the ATO zone, who currently need hundreds of such scrims, Censor.NET reports citing Radio Svoboda.

Alena Tkachuk, the group's coordinator, said that women bring old bed linen, tear it into stripes, and braid across a fish net in order to create a 'winter-style' gauze drop. Creation of one scrim means several thousand hryvnias ($100-200) in savings. The sizes are indicated by the soldiers. Ready scrims are transferred to the ATO zone via volunteers.

At the same time, the women continue to braid fall-colored gauze drops. They have depleted all the canvas for the purpose, so they started to dye the materials with special dyers at home. Usually it takes one day to create one piece. They mark their products with a signature cat with blue and yellow ribbon.

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