47 Out of 100 U.S. Senators Support Providing Weapons to Ukraine - Media

With the Republican victory in the elections to the U.S. Senate, the leading positions in committees dealing with international politics will be occupied by supporters of Ukraine, who may decide to grant weapons to Ukraine.

According to calculations of the former Republican Senator Gordon Humphrey, 47 out of 100 senators in the newly elected Senate are supporters of the provision of modern weapons to Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing Voice of America. Two bills were registered in the U.S. Congress today, which provide for the provision of military assistance to Ukraine - Ukraine Security Assistance Act and Ukraine Freedom Support Act. To pass them, 50 votes are required.

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As explained by the Houston University professor Paul Roderick Gregory, the Democratic majority and the speaker Harry Reid kept all the bills that could embarrass President Obama or split the Democratic party, which has strong anti-war fraction, from the floor.

Now, according to Gregory, with a Republican senate majority, their new speaker Mitch McConnell will presumably move legislation to the president's desk for his signature (or veto). Ukraine can hope that pending pro-Ukraine bills will go to the front of the queue, especially if Ukrainian, Baltic and Polish Americans make their voices heard, let alone those who understand the global threat that Putin's Russia poses.

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