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 Russian Conscripts Won’t Return Home, They Were Used as Collateral Damage - Human Rights Activist. VIDEO

Russian human rights activist Yelena Vasilieva said that the Russian citizens understand what is happening in the Donbas when the conscripts will not return home.

She said that the "Cargo 200 from Ukraine to Russia" group on Facebook was blocked again today, Censor.NET reports citing Espreso.TV.

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"It's time to say that the Russian troops entered Ukraine and the people in Russia are just not aware of this. All the information is concealed. I feel very sorry for those parents and mothers who are trying to understand the truth. And this truth becomes terrible for them," Vasilieva said. The human rights activist said that she finally managed to end a stalemate - to find a place where parents of Russian soldiers, with whom there is no communication, would be able to have their blood analyzed for the identification of the remains of military personnel.

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According to her, the eyes in Russia will be opened to the truth about the war with Ukraine when conscripts will not return home in due time. "I can say that it was a hard case, but most important that we have finally found a place where parents may give blood and send it to identify the victims. About 200 people are looking for their children through our group. There will be a complete collapse by the fall because conscripts will have to appear at home and they will not return because they became food for powder," Vasilyeva said.

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