Russian Military Conscript Defected to Ukraine Confirmed that Russia Forwards its Military Professionals Across the Border. VIDEO

The Russian Federation armed forces conscript Andrey Balabanov witnessed Russia sending regular soldiers, weapons and armored military vehicles to the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

According to him, he left the duty area inprotest against Russia's aggression against the neighbor state. TheRussian soldier arrived to Ukraine in July seeking politicalasylum, Censor.NET reportsciting the press service of the Ukrainian Security Servise.

The FormerRussian soldier stated that his military unit was redeployed in theRostov region near the border with Ukraine in May. The armycommanders convinced soldiers every day that they are prepared todefend Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine.

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There wasconstant unit roundout by professional military commandos from theMain Intelligence Directorate and people from the North Caucasuswho illegally penetrated the East of Ukraine. The armored militaryvehicles with trained Russian combat crews entered the Ukrainianterritory to support terrorists.

"I decidednot to participate in the fratricidal war and moved to the side ofUkraine. This is my protest against the policy of the Russianleadership," Balabanov explains.

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This isnot the first case of the Russian servicemen defecting to the sideof Ukraine. Some days before his desire to serve on the side ofUkrainian troops in the area of ATO expressed the Russian FSBofficer - Ilya Bogdanov.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v295233