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 Ukrainian Cabinet Resigned. VIDEO

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk resigned.

He announced this from the Verkhovna Radatribune, Censor.NETinforms.


"Thisgovernment is not the best that was in Ukraine. I hope there willbe better one in the future. But this government did its best," hesaid.

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"Today'soccurrences in the Verkhovna Rada will have dramatic consequencesfor the country. I hope I am wrong. We also want early elections.What is the difference between a national leader and a careerpolitico? National leader takes responsibility for the situationeven if nobody likes it," he said.

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"I do notknow how to pay salaries tomorrow, where to get fuel for APCs, howto pay people whose relatives were killed, how to maintain theArmed Forces, not those who are sitting in this hall but thoseservicemen sitting in the trenches" - Yatsenyuk said.

"Therupture of the coalition has consequences - the law on changes tothe state budget failed. This is natural: who will vote forunpopular decisions preparing to the new elections? Only theRussian Federation State Duma won from that greeting the decisionwith applause. History will not forgive us. But I believe that ourcountry will overcome these difficulties. It is unacceptable thatthe decision was not made today. What are the government's optionsin this situation? The first one: The Prime Minister may start theprocess of forming a new coalition. But in this case the Party ofRegions and the Communists Party need to be included in thecoalition. I will never do this. The Second option is that theGovernment resigns. I do not see any other way. That's why Iannounce resignation," Yatsenyuk said.

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