Militants Planned Attacks in Schools of Sloviansk: Hundreds of Children Would Have Been Impacted. VIDEO

In the premises of of one of the Sloviansk schools four explosive devices and 0.5 kg of plastic explosives were found.

The Security Service of Ukraine prevented terrorist attacks in Sloviansk schools. The attacks were possibly scheduled for September 1-2.

Censor.NET reports that, according to NSDC speaker Andrii Lysenko cited by LigaBusinessInform. "Hundreds of Sloviansk children could suffer from these attacks." The video demonstrated by Lysenko shows the building of school #4 in Sloviansk - the terrorists have equipped a laboratory for the production of explosives right in one of the classes.

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"You can see special cords, boxes and other items that are used in the manufacture of explosive devices," he said. According to him, they found four explosive device and 0.5 kg of plastic explosives that have been adapted for remote detonation in just one school.

"The same explosive devices were set in other educational institutions of Sloviansk," he said. The sappers managed to prevent the explosions planned by the terrorists. "The investigation is ongoing, we are working on the version that the terrorist attacks were planned for September 1-2, when the children start school," he said.


Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v295171