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 Volunteer from Berkut Police Unit Died for Ukraine and Bequeathed to be Buried in his Uniform. VIDEO

A funeral of 43-year-old policeman Oleksandr Tkachenko took place in Sumy. The soldiers called him Father or Grandpa because of his age, experience and mental stability.

It is reported by Censor.NET with reference to TSN.

The law enforcement officer died near Siverske. His vehicle hit an anti-tank mine. He saved at least 30 colleagues who were travelling behind him. At the last moment he overtook a truck with people, and a moment later there was an explosion.

The former riot policeman left for combat zone voluntarily. "He went himself, said, he said my son is like this, and I cannot hide while children are fighting," the press secretary of the Sumy police said.

His last request was to be buried in Berkut uniform. The colleagues of the deceased also came to the funeral in the uniforms of the disbanded unit.

The policeman was buried with military honours at the Walk of Fame at the city cemetery. Tkachenko was posthumously awarded the rank of Major. HE was survived by a wife and a son.

"He's been gone for the three days and we constantly receive calls from people whom he helped in the ATO area. They just do not believe that a man, who talked to them, who shared the last piece of bread with them died," said the head of his police division.

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