Convoys of Heavy Military Machines from Russia Were Eliminated by Aviation - Ministry of Defense. VIDEO

Heavy military vehicles spotted in Luhansk were bought from Russia for the money of Viktor Yanukovych.

Commander of Aidar battalion Serhii Melnychuk says this answering the question of the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, Censor.NET reports, citing Podrobytsi.

"I think Yanukovych and his associates are buying vehicles for our terrorists," Melnychuk said.

Head of The Ministry of Defense press service Bohdan Senyk also said that the military convoys that entered Ukraine from Russia have been eliminated by the Ukrainian Air Force.

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"The decision to strike the convoy was made immediately and we confirm that the aviation hit five targets and the militants' positions in the Luhansk airport," Senyk said.

However, he does not consider crossing of the border with Ukraine by Russian tanks to be an invasion. According to him, the breakthrough of the Ukrainian border by those military vehicles is "another proof that the terrorists operate with the technical support of the Russian Federation."

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Bohdan Senyk neither confirmed nor denied the information that the Ukrainian army is approaching Luhansk.

"I have no such information, but we do our best to liberate the cities from the terrorists and their groups," Senyk said.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v293703