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 "This is the Worst Thing that ever Happened to Me. I was Tied up and Beat up," American Journalist Kidnapped and Tortured by Sloviansk Terrorists. VIDEO

On July 5, the eastern Ukrainian town of Sloviansk was recaptured by the Ukrainian military, driving out pro-Russia rebels and ending their three-month occupation.

VICENews correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels back to Slovianskand visits the cell in which he was held for days by those rebelsin April. The city is in shambles and residents are struggling tofind food and water despite a considerable humanitarian effort. Thepro-Russia rebels have retreated to Donetsk, but the Ukrainiangovernment is determined to pursue its anti-terror operation untilthere are no rebels left.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v293127