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 Opposition is Calling Ukrainians to Street Protests. VIDEO

May 18 the opposition will start "Arise, Ukraine!" action. During two months marches and rallies will take place in all the oblast centers, and end in all-Ukrainian march in Kiev.

This was stated during a joint press conference ofBatkivschyna leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Svoboda leader OlehTyahnybok on Tuesday, March 12, the press service of Batkivschynareports.

Yatsenyuk remindedthat on March 9 near Shevchenko monument opposition announced theextra-parliamentary struggle. "From this week we are startingall-Ukrainian action "Arise, Ukraine!" he said.

According to him,this is the action "of the struggle for economic and politicalrights": "This action is nothing else than a demonstration of thecountry's commitment to change. We will hold marches, big rallies,meetings in each oblast center."

Yatsenyuk saidthat the event "Arise, Ukraine!" will begin on Thursday, March 14,in Kyiv. The action is scheduled for two months, and its completionwill be all-Ukrainian march in Kyiv on Europe Day - May18.

"We want people toexpress their position that they want change in this country, thatthey do not want this President. That we have our social andeconomic package, which must be complied," hestressed.

Yatsenyuk notedthat the political goal of this campaign - the resignation ofPresident Yanukovych. "We are well aware that with this Presidentand this regime in the country there will be no change. The powershould be afraid of people, and we want to show how people willdefend their rights, their country and their future."

He also emphasizedthat one of the objectives of the action "is the ultimate loss ofthe so-called President Yanukovych of his support in the VerkhovnaRada: Today Yanukovych has no majority in the Parliament. I thinkthat if a protest march against the President takes place then anumber of independents who still press the necessary buttons out offear will soon withdraw their support. Loss of support in theParliament means the loss of his political weight and one of thefirst and very important steps to hisresignation.

"Our task todayas the opposition - to fight not only in the Ukrainian Parliamentbut outside it as well, because the political power is onlyeffective if it is supported by the people of Ukraine," saidYatsenyuk.

He also stressed that "Arise, Ukraine!" is entirely peacefuldemonstration.

"Political winter of Yanukovych over. Now comes theopposition's spring," said Yatsenyuk.

The action will begin on Thursday in Kiev. On Friday rallieswill be held in Uzhgorod, and on Saturday - in Lviv.

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