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 Yanukovych Scolded Tabachnyk: Correct Your Mistake! VIDEO

Yanukovych will reinstate the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

He said this today at the government session, reports Censor.NET.

The President noted the decline in children's sport. According to him, in all regions heard complaints of representatives of physical education and sports field because of the closing of sports schools. "Where Mr. Dmytro? We did not make it so you can destroy it. You deal with it together with Safiullin," the President said to the Minister of Education Tabachnyk, who immediately jumped up with a surprised face.

He also appealed to local authorities to improve the situation with sports fields for more than 28 thousand schools. "Which of us did not play at these venues in childhood? Where are they now? What, there are no more children or are they different? Restore them immediately!" the President said to the governors. He called on providing children with "alternative to questionable street entertainment", and to hold children's basketball tournament before the Eurobasket 2015. In addition, the President promised improvements in kindergartens.

"At least 100,000 new childcare places have to be built. If you cannot do it by state and municipal resources, the promotion of development as a network of private kindergartens and availability of their services," said the President.


Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v234437