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 Party of Regions Wants the EU and the Customs Union. But in the End Will be Left with no Chair at all, Yatsenyuk. VIDEO

Oppositionist explained what the Europeans really want from us.

Opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk during a briefing named a number of decisions that need to be taken urgently in order to accelerate the process of European integration, reports Censor.NET.

Yanukovych received a clear vision of our EU partners of what we need to do to sign association. First of all, we are talking about selective justice. What is behind a beautiful term "selective justice" which constantly comes up - it is primarily a decision on the release of Yulia Tymoshenko and Yurii Lutsenko. And they need to be released immediately," he said. "The issue of release of political prisoners is on the agenda of our European integration."

In addition, Yatsenyuk said that Europe insists on Ukraine adopting an Election Code. In his view, this regulatory document is gaining importance with the approach of elections to Kyiv city council, as well as Presidential elections of 2015.

Yatsenyuk also recalled that Ukraine needs to implement reforms in the justice sector, justice and the fight against corruption.

"Until May Ukraine should demonstrate substantial progress in reforms. Party of Regions wants now and in the EU, and the customs union and therefore flies between the chairs," said Yatsenyuk.

Chairman of Batkivschyna faction said the opposition initiates the creation of interfactional Ukraine-EU committee which would prepare all legislation necessary for Ukraine to sign the political association with the EU and the free trade zone: "Such interfactional committee must work with our European partners and European parliamentarians. It should be the highest political authority to pass legislation on the approximation of Ukraine to the EU."

He said that the committee members will be the faction leaders. And in the process topped proposed to use the European format - the principle of rotational presidency. "This political authority must consider all the bills that are necessary for the signing of the Association Agreement and free trade zone with the EU. Once, when there is political consensus on such bills, they are transferred to the relevant committee - on the issues of European integration, which is headed by Gregory Nemyrya.Danny relevant committee deals with all the legal logistics, take appropriate action and submit these draft laws to Parliament, "- said Arseny Yatsenyuk.

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