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 Human Rights Activist who Helped Villagers in Land Wars Brutally Murdered. Police Says He Slipped and Fell. VIDEO

In Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyy a local lawyer and human rights activist died under mysterious circumstances.

It is known that Vitalii Bilyk had been helping villagersin land wars past five years, and local farmers - to fend offattempts at hostile takeovers. Human rights activist was beatenseveral times, shot at and constantly threatened. On the eve of hismurder he was planning to make public the information about thecorruption of local officials.

The lifeless bodyof a lawyer was found in a public toilet in the school yard onMonday morning, February 18. The body has been found by a cobblerwho works nearby. The man was surprised by the unnatural posture ofthe dead body: "It is hard to all like this by yourself." A son ofthe deceased, who is trying to understand the causes of thetragedy, points out the amount of blood on the floor, andespecially on the walls.

The prosecutor'soffice did not notice anything suspicious. Main version of death -accident: he slipped, choked and died. "The cause of Bilyk's deathis mechanical asphyxia due to vomit. No evidence of murder wasfound during the inspection, there was no autopsy," said the chiefprosecutor of Pereiaslav-Khmelnitskyy BohdanPanchenko.

However, thephotographs from the morgue show that on the face of the lawyerthere are two large abrasions, bruising, hematoma. Human rightscolleagues are convinced that to get such things a person had torepeatedly fall heavily and beat his head on the concrete floor, sothey put forward their own version. "When entering the toilet hewas hit on the head with a blunt object, then carried in by his,"suggested director of SEC Horbany Yurii Vozrud.

It is known thatVitalii Bilyk did not go easy on Gorbanovske village head and thelocal rich people. Rumor has it that the lawyer gathered enoughevidence to charge then with corruption and was planning to publishit in Kyiv at a press conference. They also say that Bilyk knewthat they want to eliminate him physically. Investigators in no wayconnect the death of the lawyer with his professional activities.However, they seized all the documents from the office of thedeceased. It is possible that there were materials that Bilyk wasgoing to make public.


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