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 Korotich Told Herman to F#@k Off After he Asked Yanukovych to Release Tymoshenko! AUDIO

Russian journalist Oleg Kashyn, who recorded a scandalous interview with Vitalii Korotich provided audio recording in support of these words.

Kashyn sent the audio to the Ukrainian Pravda after a scandal about a conversation with Korotich, which was published in the Afisha (Events) magazine.

Korotich said his regular series "Interview with Yanukovych" were closed after the issue of Tymoshenko.

Korotich said that after taping he was approached by presidential adviser Hanna Herman who expressed her dissatisfaction with the questions to Yanukovych.

"The shooting finished, and his ideology chief, ideology advisor Hanna Herman started screaming: "Can't you understand? Why are you digging into these politics? You do not understand what you're doing! "I told her to f#@k off and since then I have not been invited to the show any more," said Korotich.

After this on Sunday evening Herman published an apology letter allegedly by Korotich, where he claims that his words were distorted by the Russian journalist.

As proof of being right Kashyn provided the Ukrainian Pravda with audio recording where everyone can hear that it he correctly quoted Korotich's words regarding Herman.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v233426