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 Given the History of Regions Deputies, Fooling Sensor Buttons is not the Only Skill, Pashynskyy. VIDEO

Batkivshchyna MP Serhii Pashynskyy has no doubt that the Party of Regions, in the case of introduction of Rada-3 system will try to trick it.

"Given the past of many deputies from the Party ofRegions, I think that they can not only deceive a sensor button,but open the locks in a second," said Serhii Pashynskyy, reportsINTV.

"Indeed, the Partyof Regions and their satellites Communists are not able to workhonestly ... Cheating, lying, various manipulations with ballots,and with the sensor buttons - these are their methods," headded.

At the same time,he said, the opposition will continue demanding that theConstitution and Rada regulations are followed regarding theintroduction of the Rada-3 system."

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