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 Judge Was Ordered to Quickly Interrogate Tymoshenko, Says Lawyer. VIDEO

The regime once again violated the rights of Yulia Tymoshenko, trying to question her in a video conference on the Shcherban case.

This was stated by head of the defense team of former Prime Minister Serhii Vlasenko after the hearing at the Kyiv Court of Appeal, reports Batkivschyna press service.

"The trial on Shcherban case begins the same way as the gas case was heard. Not only did they falsify the case, not only did they use all the propaganda methods - they are not interested in the defense opinion, they are not interested in anything," said Vlasenko.

"You saw the face of this judge Tsarevich, who was not interested in legal regulations, who was not interested in anything. This girl was appointed to this court by Andrii Portnov, and she is following direct orders," said the attorney.

According to him, the decision to postpone the meeting until tomorrow, "realizing that Tymoshenko is in Kharkiv and someone from defense will see her no earlier than 12 a.m. is a Jesuit one."

"This is absurd. This is neglecting the so-called new Criminal Procedure Code which they riveted to condemn Tymoshenko for life," said Serhii Vlasenko.

"You saw that the court does not care about anything. The judge received instructions to conduct the questioning ad quickly as possible, the information about the hearing was leaked to ensure you are present. We know that this man who will be questioned is a staff witness of the SSU, who they use for the testimony in many resonant cases, a person repeatedly involved who will say whatever they want him to," said the lawyer of ex-Prime Minister.

"We are not afraid of this interrogation, we demand this interrogation, but we demand to hold it in compliance with the basic norms of the Criminal Procedure Code," said Vlasenko.

He also noted that it is very symbolic that at the time, "when this mess will be happening tomorrow, the European Commissioner Stefan Fule will be addressing the Parliament."

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