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 Paid SSU Staff Witnesses are Involved in Shcherban Case, Opposition Claims. VIDEO

A mysterious man, who is being questioned in the Shcherban murder case is the Security Service of Ukraine's staff witness."

In an interview to INTV, Batkivschyna's Serhii Pashynskyy said: "Who is this witness? You know, we still have not figured all details but we do know that for the past 12 years this witness has been under the protection of the Security Service, that is he is a regular witness for the SSU. His name is Marienkov Ihor."

"There is a comment of Mr. Turchynov, who said that in 2005 he had seen the name in the list of persons guarded by the SSU. Thus, he did not appear yesterday or the day before. He has always been here!" he added. "And now they pull these poor recruits and will make them give any testimony which casts a shadow on Tymoshenko. But it's all nonsense," he concluded.

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