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 Investigators Disprove Pshonka - Scherban Case Investigation is not Finished. VIDEO

Opposition says that they did not manage to falsify the case.

Opposition's Serhii Pashynskyy made an importantstatement at a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada.

"Pre-trial investigation of the Shcherban murder is not completed," said the deputy, "We were formally told todayby chief of the investigation department Kurys. This means that Mr.Pshonka knowingly or unknowingly lied to the public, saying thatthe investigation is completed and Tymoshenko has been charged.This allows us to argue that they had not managed to falsify thecase yet, and are taking some extra time for it. Especiallysurprising is the fact that they are setting up their ProsecutorGeneral.

Pashinsky also noted that members of thePenitentiary Service told him that the video surveillance inUkraine is only be conducted regarding the inmates sentenced forlife and Tymoshenko.

This information was voiced at a meeting ofopposition representatives with the PGO staff.

Another opposition deputy Serhii Sobolev afterthe meeting said the talks did not answer the questions aboutviolation of Tymoshenko's rights.

In particular, Sobolev said nothing is clear inthe matters of surveillance and leaking information on theInternet, prohibition of walks and ban on telephone conversations.He called all this a direct violation of the law.

Regarding Lutsenko, the opposition found outthat he was taken from the hospital, even though he needed anothersurgery.

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