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 Driver of SUV Hit Pedestrian in Kyiv, Rammed Taxi, and Fled Leaving the Car. Traffic Police is Not Doing Anything. VIDEO

On January 27 an SUV hit a woman on a pedestrian crossing and crashed into a taxi. After that, the driver of the SUV fled the scene, leaving the car. The traffic police has so far remained silent as to who was behind the wheel ...

As TSN reports, a taxi driver and a female pedestrian were hit by a reckless driver on the SUV, and are now in hospital, confined to their beds. The culprit escaped. Traffic police remains silent and refrains from commenting. Who was driving the SUV is unknown.

Despite the fact that the victims have been in the hospital for the second week, they had never even visited the officer heading the investigation.


Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v232137