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 Kuchma is Confident that Tymoshenko Did Not Order Shcherban Assassination: We Have No Reason to Start Criminal Investigation. VIDEO

There are no grounds for a criminal case against Tymoshenko, said the former President.

Ex-PresidentLeonid Kuchma sees no grounds for a criminal case against formerPrime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on her involvement in the murder ofYevhen Shcherban. He said this in an interview to Russia TVChannel.

"Today she isaccused of all sins, including the murder of Shcherban. You know,me and her we have absolutely no love for each other. You can talkabout anything, but there are no grounds for a criminal caseagainst Tymoshenko. And I absolutely agree with this. All thisaffects the world's attitude towards Ukraine, that is certain," hesaid.

"I just feel sorryfor her, first of all as a woman - she is charming and beautiful. Ithink the desire to dominate has led to the situation she is now,"summed up Kuchma.

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