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 Iryna Lutsenko: My Husband Was Simply Kidnapped From IV. This is Terrorism. VIDEO

Ukrainian regime is engaged in terrorism against its own people. That is how ex-Interior Minister's wife and lawyer Iryna Lutsenko commented on the transferring of her husband from the clinic.

"Lutsenko was taken without explanation from the hospital when there were no doctors. Lutsenko should be treated intensively for three weeks to heal three open ulcers. The person who is in the hospital, complaining of pain and is undergoing treatment was kidnapped from and taken to an unknown location. Do people in our country have no right to be treated?" said Iryna Lutsenko, reports Censor.NET.

"Lutsenko was simply kidnapped from hospital - sick, being on IV. This is terrorism against the citizens conducted by the state!" she said.

The deputy also noted: "Why is Lutsenko deprived of his right to health. Must all the opponents of the current criminal regime be destroyed by physical abuse because of its cruelty?" said Irina Lutsenko.

She also once again appealed to Ombudsman Lutkovska with the question: "If the non-admission of advocates to the defendant Lutsenko You, as the Commissioner for Human Rights, consider the norm in this country, how would you evaluate the kidnapping of the hospital patient, deprived of the right to the protection of the citizen Lutsenko? Is it also a norm? "

Currently Iryna Lutsenko is meeting with Ambassador of the EU to Ukraine Ian Tombinski to inform the European community about the fact of abduction of ailing opposition politician from the hospital.

At about 7 a.m. this morning a special purpose bus arrived to Oberih hospital and took the oppositionist to an unknown location.

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