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 Vlasenko: PGO's Forensic Expert are Currently Falsifying Another Criminal Case. VIDEO

Opposition leader's attorney spoke about the new circumstances regarding the cases against Tymoshenko and himself.

"The authoritiesclearly understands that the only way to deal with Tymoshenko isnotjust manipulating something but conducting total falsification ofeverything connected with her case," saidVlasenko.

Such fraud,according to the counsel, includes falsifying a telephoneconversation, which was leaked to the media.

"I also want to emphasize that this phone conversation istotally fake. They were real parts there and other fake parts wereadded to them." Vlasenko also noted the criminal charges againstTymoshenko and her associates.

"Right now Kyiv City Bureau of forensic expertise is falsifyingthe events of two years ago and is fitting it for the data that isneeded to PGO to place it in the register of criminal cases. I knowfor sure that the witnesses in the case, which two years ago, gavea fair explanation, now under pressure of the Prosecutor GeneralRenat Kuzmin give completely opposite explanation," said Vlasenko.He noted that this was done in order to introduce a decree in theparliament of depriving him of parliamentary immunity untilFebruary 5.

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