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 Pavlichenko Beaten in Prison in Retaliation for Interview on Mobile. VIDEO

Representatives of the Pavlichenko family argue that Dmytro was beaten deliberately - for the interview, which the prisoner gave to one of the TV channels.

In turn, law enforcement officials say that the fight isthe result of a quarrel. Participants received minor injuries,according to TSN. "The reasons for the fight are trivial. Verbaloffences turned into a fight. The injuries are minor since therepresentatives of the jail administration were able to seeeverything and prevent the turn of events," said the speaker ofKyiv Penitentiary Service Oleksandr Naumenko.

The representativeof the family Volodymyr Shyrochenko: "According to my information,he was beaten. He did not take part in any conflict, and that thebeating was a punishment for the fact that he was using a mobilephone." Dmytro Pavlichenko was beaten in jail today, January 21.According to the Penitentiary Service, a scuffle broke out betweeninmates.

On March 21,2011, judge of Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv Serhii Zubkov waskilled. Dmytro Pavlichenko and his son Serhii were arrested onsuspicion of committing the crime but they did not admit theirguilt. October 2, 2012 Holosiivskyy district court in Kyivsentenced Dmytro Pavlichenko to life in prison, and his son Serhii- to 13 years in prison.

Rallies in defenseof the Pavlichenko family were held in different cities of Ukraineas well as abroad. On January 14 the hearing by the Court of Appealof Serhii and Dmytro Pavlichenko's sentences was postponed toJanuary 23.

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