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 Tymoshenko is Getting Worse. I Thought She Died, Says Vlasenko. VIDEO

The state of health of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has deteriorated.

According to defense attorney of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko Serhii Vlasenko, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

"She is in the shower room (as an act of disobedience). When I went in there, I thought she died, she did not recognize me for two minutes and did not react to my presence," he told reporters in Kharkiv.

The defender said that he immediately called the head doctor. According to him before that the room was stormed by three officers of Security Service and Prosecutor General's Office who Vlasenko thinks came to conduct some investigative actions.

He also added that the head doctor of the hospital Mikhailo Afanasiev categorically opposed conducting any investigation.

"I am very grateful to Professor Afanasiev who unequivocally said that no actions can be carried out," said the lawyer.

He also stressed that the situation with Tymoshenko's health is critical. "The situation is critical, although I'm no expert, but I can state it," said Vlasenko, adding that in 2-2.5 hours he intends to call the head doctor to check the status.

Vlasenko also said that for the first time of him being a defender of the former Prime Minister, he was told that Tymoshenko refuses meeting with her lawyer. He emphasized that he was allowed to see Tymoshenko after he insisted on it.

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