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 Women from Opposition Blocked the Parliament: Prosecutor Pshonka Report! This is Female Rebellion. PHOTO + VIDEO

The parliament rostrum was blocked by women deputies from the opposition who read their demands.

The demands were read out by Batkivschyna's Oleksandra Kuzhel, reports Censor.NET correspondent.


"When our leader Yulia Tymoshenko holds an act of civil disobedience ... We as women of Ukraine demand: Prosecutor General Pshonka to the Session Room! Let him answer for violation of women's rights and our leader Tymoshenko's rights!" said Kuzhel.

"Pursuant to Article 24 of the Penal Code, we require a meeting of the women representing the opposition - with our leader Yulia Tymoshenko. We demand it! It is in accordance with the law, and no one can deny it!" stressed Kuzhel.

According to her, only in 1937 there was so much torture and humiliation. "How many of you men can stand a year and a half under surveillance?" asked Kuzhel.

"These are our demands. If that does not happen, we promise you such a female rebellion that you will remember where Ukraine started from," said Kuzhel.

According to Oleksandra Kuzhel, today Ukrainian women do not feel safe even in the session hall of the parliament.

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