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 Yatsenyuk: Our Demands are not Met. And These are Demands of Millions of Ukrainians. VIDEO

The opposition deputies surrounded the parliamentary rostrum during a speech of Batkivschyna faction leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

As Rada TV channelreports Yatsenyuk said that the opposition does not care who willhead the National Bank, as "it will still beYanukovych."

The oppositionleader demanded that parliament confirm the European vector ofUkraine, and to vote for the bill on the decriminalization ofseveral articles of the Criminal Code under which Yulia Tymoshenkoand Yurii Lutsenko were sentenced.

"We demand thatthe agenda include the law on amnesty proposed by the threeopposition factions which frees Yulia Tymoshenko and Yurii Lutsenkofrom political persecution and thousands of Ukrainians stillsuffering from illegal prosecution," said the chairman ofBatkivschyna faction.

Yatsenyuk alsostressed that Rada-3 system which does not allow the deputies tovote for someone else is still not on: "We continue to insist toabide the basic constitutional provision - namely, personalvoting."

"The opposition'sdemands are the demands of millions of Ukrainians who voted for us.We want our demands to be met. Include our bills in the agenda andthen the parliament will work. It will not work in any anotherway," said Yatsenyuk.

During the speechof the chairman of Batkivschyna faction the opposition deputiesblocked the rostrum. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada was forcedto announce a break, however, the opposition stayed near thepodium.

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