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 Tymoshenko Spent the Night in the Shower. She Was Given a Blanket, Say Jailers. VIDEO

Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is undergoing treatment in the Central Hospital № 5 (Kharkiv), spent the night in the shower room, said deputy head of State Penitentiary Service in Kharkiv oblast Andrii Lapinskyy.

"She wasin the hallway and for the night moved into the shower room andspent the night there. There is a couch in the shower room and shewas allocated a warm blanket," he said at a press briefing onWednesday, reports Interfax.

Lapinskyysaid that he did not know in what position - sitting or lying down- Tymoshenko spent the night, noting that in the corridor she saton the walker.

He alsocould not answer the question where the former Prime Minister is atthe moment.

A dayearlier, Tymoshenko announced civil disobedience action andreported it in an open letter released by her defender SerhiiVlasenko.

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