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 We Will Use Any Methods, Tyahnybok on Pro-Government Majority. VIDEO

The leader of the nationalist party Svoboda Oleh Tyahnybok talks about what his political party is going to do with the pro-government majority.

"We will never compromise on ideological issues. Regardingissues that are of an organizational nature, such compromises cantake place," said Tyahybok in an interview to Channel 5.

"Despite the factthat we have a rather serious ideological differences withBatkivschyna and Udar there are questions, mainly institutional, onwhich we can find a common line of our behavior," said the leaderof the Svoboda commenting on cooperation of oppositionparties.

Svoboda has notcome to the parliament to fight, but when we see violations of theConstitution, laws, regulations, we will use any methods that thelaw provides. It is obvious that the current regime realizes thatit cannot as easy as in the previous parliament to manipulate theopposition. To any violation of the law our response will be areaction supported by society."

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